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The overarching aim of the TEDective is making European public procurement data explorable for non-experts. A related aim is to bring is to bring the XML files published by the European Union (opens in a new tab) into shape by transforming them to the Open Contracting Data Standard (opens in a new tab).

You can try it out here (opens in a new tab)! Or you can try out the our API (opens in a new tab)

Why is this needed?

Despite a range of previous efforts to parse and analyse TED data, there currently exists no offering that fulfils all of the following requirements with regards to the provision of TED data:

  1. It is built and published under a free software license.
  2. It offers a current, cleaned and deduplicated version of TED data.
  3. Data is available as OCDS-compliant JSON, both as bulk downloads and via a capable and well-documented API.

Sustainably providing long-term access to European tender data in a way that fulfils these three requirements enables numerous applications that might be of interest to civil society, business and government which could greatly enhance the transparency and accountability of European business activity. There are a range of interesting questions that can be answered with this data if it was available in a well-documented and easy-to-understand format that is interoperable with tender data published elsewhere.

What's inside?

TED XML notices are downloaded and parsed by TEDective Parser into TerminusDB (opens in a new tab). An API built with FastAPI (opens in a new tab) and GraphQL (opens in a new tab) sits in front of this database and provides access to OCDS entities, such as organizations, awards, releases or contracts. On the top of it there is a UI build with NextJS (opens in a new tab) and react-force-graph (opens in a new tab).

What other tools exist?


Check out our blog for some of the project's history.


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