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TEDective Parser



This section is work-in-progress. Please stay tuned!

The default mode of TEDective parser is to ingest the parsed OCDS data to TerminusDB instance, which is later used to by the API and therefore UI as well.

In order to use parser separately from the TerminusDB, the Makefile from parser (opens in a new tab) can be used. make parser.toDir <path_to_desired_directory> would result in TED data being stored in given directory. By default make parser.toDir would write parsed OCDS to the ocds/ subdirectory.


The TEDective Parser is the component that transforms the TED XML files that can be downloaded from Tender European Daily (opens in a new tab) (TED) into the Open Contracting Data Standard (opens in a new tab) (OCDS).


There are a lot of resources that are helpful in using, developing and extending the parser. The most important ones are:

  1. The OCDS Schema reference (opens in a new tab) which describes in detail what an OCDS release is and what it should look like.
  2. The OCDS European Union Profile (opens in a new tab) which maps fields in TED notices to fields in an OCDS release (Github (opens in a new tab). Internal Tooling (opens in a new tab)).
  3. The OJS' Standard form for public procurement site (opens in a new tab) lists all the forms used in any given TED notice.