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You need to have Docker and the docker compose CLI plugin installed. Another dependency is make. Development takes place at the FSFE's Gitea instance. This means that you will need to have an FSFE account in order to be able to create issues or pull requests there. In order for this to happen simply register via this link and wait until we have confirmed your application.


To start developing on TEDective locally, clone the repository (this will only work if you have an FSFE account):

git clone

If you don't have one yet, you can also do:

git clone

and then simply run to bring up a development environment:

make dev

This will bring up the following service(s) that you can access with a web browser:

It will also start

  • a PosgreSQL database on port 5432 and

Now you are ready to start parsing (WIP), enriching (WIP) and analysing (WIP) TED data.


TEDective Technical Overview

Project structure

  • api is where the Python code for the TEDective API lives.
  • in is where the input data goes, primarily the TED XML files.
  • out is where the output of the parsing process goes, e.g. OCDS-compliant JSONL files or database dumps.
  • website is the directory from which this website is created.
  • slides is the directory in which you can find the slides for TEDective presentations